How do you get heard with all the noise of the digital world? We all know a business must be online and Jordan Consulting will get down and dirty to get your brand presence digital. We will clear off your desk and create inspiring solutions and savvy social media to represent you authentically. Through passionate, creative character, and out of the box solutions, we make sure your brand rises above the noise.


With over 17 years industry experience I am your born connector. I meet you. I connect.

I get thinking straight away and I connect you. I connect you with the business down the street, the contact I think of across the country.  Whatever fits. It comes naturally and it makes me really happy to see you get connected with others that may help you in your business or be a great connection for collaborating or cross promoting. Honestly, it makes my heart happy.

I am your coach.

I’m a Cheerleader by nature. O.k., truth be told I was a cheerleader in high school. It just works. Another word for this would be ‘To Encourage.’ Just so you don’t freak out if you didn’t like those types back in school

I coach savvy social networking and business solutions for spas, eco-beauty brands, life coaches, nutritionists, chiropractors, wellness centers, salons, fitness facilities, organizations within the spa, health and wellness industry. You get the picture right?

I’ve been in the wellness industry for well over 17 years now and it’s an area of life that I am passionate about and love to support in any which way I can.

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I am your educator.

I speak on marketing, social media, promotions and thinking outside the box.

I speak to your staff in small groups, I speak at conferences and local organizations and businesses.

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