Bombay Beauty Co.

Guest Post by Rebecca Coleman.

Once upon a time, there was a girl who inherited her mother’s beautiful skin and her father’s unruly eyebrows. The first seemed like a blessing, the latter… not so much. Thankfully, the girl had a wonderful sister-in-law who introduced her to the practice of threading, and the rest, as they say, is brow history.

I have been threading my brows for probably 20 years, and there’s no way I’d go back to any other method. Threading is quicker, more precise, and less painful than any other method of brow shaping I’ve ever tried, and Bombay Brow Co is one of my favourite places to get it done.

They were the first eyebrows-only salon in Vancouver, focusing on just one thing—eyebrows—and doing that one thing well.

Now with four locations around the lower mainland, Bombay is dominating the eyebrow game, and owner Ravy Membroke has turned her attentions to another passion: skin.

She’s taken her personal obsession with clean skincare and turned it into her own line of skincare products, and is offering facials using those products at her newly-launched Bombay Beauty Co in the Fairmont Pacific Hotel.

You can get your brows done there, too, if you want. In fact, I think it would make a great reward for your skin to get a facial after a brow shaping.

The skincare line is based on Ayervedic practices, and focuses on roses. Rose, in Ayervidic medicine, is known to cool the skin, and create a balance between mind and body, while also helping to reduce stress.

The facial consists of 5 steps, and each one consists of a rose-based product developed in-house.

It starts with a creamy cool rose cleanser, to gently remove any dirt or residue from your skin. Next, a small amount of Ubtan Clay Masque is rubbed on to skin (this masque is made from all natural ingredients, and is completely edible) to exfoliate. A hydrating toner is then applied, before a deep moisturizing facial serum, along with under eye cream, is massaged into the skin. To allow this moisturizer to do its work, the same Clay Masque from before, in a much bigger quantity, is painted all over the skin, and left on for about 10-15 minutes. The Masque also draws out deep impurities. Finally, the masque is cleansed off with warm towels, before skin is treated to one last deep nourishing rose moisturizer.

Oh—did I mention that while the masque is on, you get a hand massage? Yeah.

The entire process takes about 40-45 mintues, so you could easily fit one in on your lunch hour if needed.

My skin at the end was, in a word, dewy. And kids, let me tell you, that’s not a word that is often used when describing my 40-something skin. Sure, I may have won half of the genetic lottery, but I am also, like many of you, incredibly busy, and I sometimes don’t take the best care of my skin.

I literally could not stop touching my face! It felt so smooth and just lovely.

Here’s the thing, ladies. The reality is, we live in a fast-paced world where self-care seems to always take a back seat. There’s always a client who needs us, lunches to be packed, laundry to fold. There’s a case to be made for taking some time out for yourself. An hour or so… to be pampered, and do something really nice for yourself. And if you’re going to do that, you might as well feel good about it by choosing a local business, and products that are carefully sourced to be gentle, non-toxic, and good for both you and the environment.

That’s guilt-free indulgence.


You can find them at :

Bombay Beauty Co
829 West Cordova, Vancouver, BC
(At Fairmont Waterfront Hotel)