Luxe Botanics- Marula Oil

At the intersection of beauty, Luxe Botanics is nature meets science. Founder Jené Roestorf has created a truly mindful skincare ritual by bringing in her in South African upbringing and knowledge of healing arts with over a decade of clinic trials. The ingredients in Luxe Botanics products are simple yet powerful as Jené has honed in on sourcing high grade, organic and wild harvested botanicals. These ingredients are nutrient dense and the products are multi-tasking. Ingredients are harvested through fair-trade alliances and support local communities as well as  protecting the environment. After having a virtual visit with Jené and her team it was decided that I would try the Marula Oil products.

When I first started following Luxe Botanics I didn’t really know much about Marula Oil. Marula Oil comes from the nut of the Marula tree. It is known to have high antioxidant properties. More so than most other oils out there. This oil comes from Africa and provides and independent source of income for the local Maasai women in Kenya.

Marula Oil Hydrating Pre-Cleanser

I have been thoroughly enjoying this pre-cleanser. A combination of Marula, Jojoba seed oil, Blackcurrant Rosehip CO2 and more. These silky smooth ingredients combined are gentle and effective. I found this product to remove all makeup and leave my skin feeling almost fully cleansed already before my next step. The Marula Hydrating Pre-Cleanser is to be used before the Camu Brightening Cleanser.

Marula Hydrating Serum

The Marula Hydrating Serum slips on like pure gold. It is perfect for my more dehydrated skin type. In addition to the Marula Oil ingredients include Carrot Seed Oil which is rich in vitamins E and C and is known for helping more sensitive skin and its anti-aging properties. Cranberry Seed oil is rich in tocopherols which are a form of vitamin E that helps to protect the skin from environmental stressors. You can read the full list of gorgeous ingredients here.

Giving Back

Luxe Botanics believes in giving back to the communities in which their ingredients are harvested from. They have a partnership with Buy1Give1. When you purchase a Marula product you will help with a child’s education including books, a school uniform and shoes.In many parts of the world, without these items, children may not get a proper education.

I’m in love with Luxe Botanics and hope you will fall in love too! Have you tried anything from their line? What would you most look forward to trying? 

Socially Yours,

*I was not paid for this review but did receive complimentary products.