Bella Aura Skincare- Less is More.

Healthy living types everywhere are touting the less is more philosophy. While I agree with it wholeheartedly I’m still in the process of getting my family on board. When it comes to skincare though I have full control and I spent a full 6 week regime with Bella Aura Skincare. For Bella Aura Skincare, less really is more.

The Bella Aura line contains only 5 products. I like to try products over a longer period of time before I speak to them due to the cellular renewal of the skin and to get a good feel for how my skin responds to a product. What I like about this line is that each product is multifunctional without having to add in another product.

Something that I really love about these products is the consistency. They are a really smooth and beautiful emulsion that apply easily and readily absorb into the skin. Emulsions are light weight and typically have a water base. Some would say that emulsions are best suited to sensitive skin types however emulsions like these are suited to all skin types due to their ingredients and multipurpose functions. Every product in this line is packed with vitamins and minerals.

In a natural beauty world that has many amazing oil based brands, Bella Aura Skincare rises above by taking their formulations to another level. This formulation truly offers something for everyone which sometimes is not the case of oils, balms and serums. This line combines Swiss skincare technology and Asian skincare philosophy to embody what is ‘less is more’.

Antioxidant Booster:

This little bottle packs a punch and can be used morning and evening before your moisturizer and being sure to avoid the eye area. The proprietary blend is included in this product as well as Swiss active botanical ingredients. I don’t often get breakouts however I had some coming through on my forehead and hairline. After using this booster, in conjunctions with the moisturizers, there were no signs after two days of using them together. Booster is the perfect word for this product! The ingredients infuse the skin with vitamins and minerals that work together to improve the appearance of the skin, dark spots, redness and work on uneven skin tone.


Daily Repair Moisturizer:

I love this light weight formula and how it readily absorbs into the skin after using the antioxidant booster. This hydrating emulsion contains Daisy Flower Extract which is a natural brightener for the skin and helps with dark spots and skin brightening. Olive leaf extract helps with redness, hydration and helping the skin with sun protection however always use sunscreen! I found that my mineral make up applies well after application without having to wait too long as well as leaves my skin feeling hydrated.


Instant Lifting Eye Contour:

Now this product is truly a secret weapon as far as I’m concerned. I am a sucker for eye and lip products and after one use I could feel the product working it’s magic. It most certainly does have an instant lifting effect and after applying to the eye area I use the remainder around the lip line for double duty. I’ve had prevention down pat for a long time now with no visible signs of wrinkles in the eye area. Firming and lifting could be felt on impact for me though and the product absorbs the same as they all do causing no issues or caking with mineral make up applications. Also containing the Kamilah blend, JuJube was another ingredient that stood out to me which strengthens the skin, important for the delicate eye area, as well as containing many more vitamins and minerals.


Night Cellular Renewal:

This cocktail for the skin takes beauty sleep to a whole new level. After applying the Antioxidant Booster this emulsion seals the deal for evening with the proprietary Kamilah blend as well as Cistus Incanus Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract for toning and strengthening the skin, Glutamine known for healing and antioxidant properties and Nigella Sativa Seed Oil or black cumin seed oil which is known for conditioning the skin.


While using these 5 products exclusively for six weeks I noticed a firmer, smoother complexion over time. I really enjoy the products and the smell of the ingredients. While some products go on a little stronger the smell dissipates as with good quality ingredients.

You can find all the products and ingredient listings here at Bella Aura Skincare.

If you have struggled with any part of your skincare regime I challenge you to give these emulsions a try and see what works for you!

Socially Yours,