12 Ways Social Media Will Boost Your Business Before You Launch!


Launching your business anytime soon? You’re going to want to keep reading. I’ve had way too many conversations over the years to not have this discussion about social media. So many people I’ve spoken with, or even worked with, have wished they set up their online presence and got it rolling before they opened their doors. Many think that they don’t have the business yet open so they have nothing to say and that this piece of their marketing doesn’t matter until after the launch. This is a BIG misconception and has caused many businesses grief feeling like they are playing catch up in the long run. Here I share 12 ways social media will boost your business before you launch. 


1. Getting started on Social Media before your business launches helps give you access to the people! No people, no business.  Wait until after you launch and risk sharing only with your friends, family and your dog that you invited to like and follow your accounts in the first place.


2. Create brand recognition by starting your social media accounts prior to launching your business. This helps bring about awareness for your brand before you launch and can pique interest that will translate to sales later. Brand visibility is key before you launch. After all, you want to let people know to come to the party that you are starting. You want to get them excited about your arrival and you want to stand out from any competition. This space allows for you to establish yourself as an authority in your area of business and how you are serving  your community. Building trust is key. Social sharing will also help increase your SEO and search results and that is something that you want to build up before you open your doors, virtual or store front!


3. Getting started before your business launches helps to start conversations around your brand. We’ve all heard that people do business with those they know, like and trust. How will they get to know you before you open up shop?


4. Who’s in for a good story? Leveraging social media before you launch your business allows for you to tell the story right from the beginning. Are you starting a brick and mortar business? Share images and video of behind the scenes and renovations. Product launch? You can do the same thing without giving away your formulations. Content is key but good quality content is what matters most. Share the love for other people, places and things within your content and don’t just make it all about you. Communicating with your customers, and potential customers, about like minded topics that work with your business ads value.  This is just one more way to make your business human and help with relationship building.


5. It’s all in the list! Establishing your online presence and using social media to drive traffic to your site sets you up for opt-ins. There are a few different ways that you can pay to play with your advertising to help with this. Having people to send your newsletter to and set up proper campaigns will be key to getting people in to your business or shopping in your online store. You can take this a step further and implement landing page software such as Unbounce to help you.


6. Are you going into business alone? Not a chance! Even if you are flying solo as a business owner launching your online presence helps get you connected to others! You will meet new people online which really the whole point of ‘social media’. You want to build relationships that you can take offline. That’s the human factor. You are not going online to hide behind your social accounts but leverage them to help others and collaborate.


7. Breaking news! Well it may not be breaking but starting your social media presence before your business launches allows for you to establish connections with media outlets and bloggers. Yes, you can do this part yourself to help save on your start up costs! Have a bigger budget? By all means get a PR firm to help you get that extra exposure!


8. Get a jump start on building customer loyalty! Having a loyalty plan in place before you launch will set you up for long term success. This can look a variety of different ways from using your own app such as KiSS app, punch cards or refer a friend system. Establishing the messaging for this in advance will be key.


9. I don’t like to bore people with numbers necessarily but getting started allows for you to gather data. You can listen to your audience and what people are saying about you, and the types of products and services that you offer, in advance which will allow for you to check what content is working for you and do more of that! Checking your Facebook analytics, Instagram and other accounts matters as do your Google Analytics.


10. You can run promo’s, contests, giveaways and more by starting your social media marketing prior to launch. Once you’ve been working on number 1 above you’ll have more people and potential customers to talk to. Contesting can look many different ways on your social media accounts but keep the steps simple for people and always, always, play by the rules of the platform you are using!


11. Keep your future customers up to date on the progress of your business and launch date. Having your social media set up in advance allows for you to create that long awaited anticipation for the arrival of your business. It allows you to invite them to the party whether you are a brick and mortar business or an online shop.


12. Start up costs can be expensive and Social Media is relatively free. When your time is planned out accordingly you don’t need to waste time. It’s free to set up your social media accounts. It’s free to post your content. Paying to play works well when you have a plan in place for Facebook or Google Ads. Other social media accounts work the same.



Strategy & Plan


I always recommend that you get started with a strategy and plan! The last thing you want to do is go and set up a whole bunch of accounts and not know what to do with them. I do always recommend that you set up a social at your business dot com account for managing your accounts and do save your business name on all the social media platforms. When you have a plan and strategy in place you may end up only using three accounts for your business getting started. Down the line you may wish to build out more and you will have some consistency across your account names for your brand. Click this link to book a Discovery Session. I would love to help you with pre-launch plans!

Are you using social media before you launch? Already established? Did you use social media before you launched? I would love to hear more in the comments below or send me a tweet here.

Socially Yours,