I am really excited to share this infused medical microdermabrasion treatment with you after working in varying capacities with so many spas and medspas. It was refreshing to have a full service infused medical microdermabrasion treatment so close to home in Maple Ridge! Laurel Hickman practices at Dr. Cobi’s Essential Health Natural Wellness Clinic and has been an esthetician for 20 years.

We began the treatment with a full assessment of my skin and health related questions. I found Laurel to be extremely knowledgeable. I loved her bedside manner. You can tell that she genuinely cares about what she does and enjoys educating people on these services that can help with many different types of skin conditions from acne to rosacea and more!

What is infused medical microdermabrasion?

It is important to point this out as there are so many different machines on the market and not all spas or clinics qualify to carry the medical grade system and therefore will bring different results.

Essential Health Natural Wellness Clinic uses the SilkPeel DermalinInfusion which uses a diamond tip head that abrades the skin. This exfoliates damaged skin cells and then a topical solution is targeted/ infused into the skin. Solutions vary depending on your skin type which is why this treatment is so specific.

What are the results of an infused medical microdermabrasion?

Like any skincare treatment, results vary from person to person and will dependĀ on your specific skin condition.

I noticed results after just one treatment. Brightening of the skin and my skin texture was baby smooth. I personally have melasma as a skin condition and it would be best treated by doing a series of infused medical grade microdermabrasion treatments. Laurel also educated me on the non-toxic Elizabeth Arden PRO skincare line which is exclusively professional and clinically proven. A series of the treatment along with changing up my skincare routine would definitely bring about results.

Most people would have a series of at least three infused medical microdermabrasion treatments as this will allow for cellular renewal and for the infusions to work their magic with this level of exfoliation to get to work into the skin to provide the desired results. This treatment may feel like a prickly sensation and I did feel a light suction. Nothing about this treatment was painful in any way.

A little bit about Elizabeth Arden PRO

My treatment began with a double cleanse. At home, Laurel explained that this is good to do to remove the makeup and dirt from the day first and then to use the professional product to get to work! In this instance, it was the Gentle Facial Cleanser. This cleanser gently exfoliates the skin as it contains a pH correct lactic acid. It also contains essential skin vitamins.

The Elizabeth Arden PRO line is built on a pyramid example. That being that it shows we need to start with a solid foundation. SPF, antioxidants and DNA complex. The next tier being your retinoids and aha’s and the top being your peptides and growth factors. You need the solid foundation to make the next levels effective in working for you in your skincare regime.

What is nice about this line is that they formulated it to keep it simple. There is a cleanser, serum, moisturizer/protector.

My treatment was finished off with the line’s non-toxic Perfecting Minerals which gave a little more glow to my skin after the treatment and left me date ready!

This treatment is available to new clients at $99 only until August 30th,2016. Regular price $200 per treatment or $500 for three sessions.

To book contact the clinic here. You can also follow Essential Health Natural Wellness Clinic on Facebook at Dr. Cobi here.

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