Twitter cardI got started on Twitter in 2008 back in the day when everyone truly was social and having conversations there. I started the account you can currently find me on, @cadijordan in 2009. Social Media is an ever-evolving playing field and it can be hard to keep up with the times! Is Twitter to change it’s 140 character limit? Here are some of the changes we are to expect.

More in 140 Characters

Recently, Twitter announced that we would soon be able to tweet in more than 140 characters. There appears to be some confusion online with this as what they are actually doing is not counting our Twitter handles or link characters.

Keep it Simple

Twitter is aiming to cut the tricks with by cutting out the character count with our handles @cadijordan

They are also looking to switch up replies, again the handle will not count towards your characters.

Oh, and you know the little trick about making sure to be seen by all and adding that . before the handle? . @cadijordan, that’s going to be gone as well! If you want to be seen more broadly you will actually be able to Re-tweet yourself! Not sure how I feel about that one but time will tell.


Are you using images? You should be! They get far more traction than our regular tweets. Some say up to 90% more. That is a really good reason to be using them. Up until now, Images, Video links, GIFs etc have taken up character space. This too is to change to give us a little more room to get our message across.

We all get our backs up when change is coming. All-in-all, I think that these Twitter changes will be good! For more you can watch the Twitter blog here. NOW, if only we can rally everyone to actually BE SOCIAL over there and have an actual conversation. The goal,after all, is building relationships and taking them offline!

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