5 Crazy Spa Treatments I Dare You To Try!

When we think of getting a spa treatment most of us imagine a nice hot oil massage and maybe even a mud facial. Some countries and people have a completely crazy view of a relaxing day at the spa.

Really, I dare you to try one of these crazy treatments

Carp Pedi

  • For pretty feet in Turkey, they pay to have fish, carp even, The fish eat dead skin and leaving the feet soft and smooth. Patrons soak their feet in a tank with tiny carp. If you try this, take cautions though, there is a chance of a lot of germ spreading. The fish should be rotated to insure the skin from one patron is out of the fish.

24-karot Gold

  • The most expensive salon weirdness comes from Santa Fe. The Elerado Hotel relaxes patrons with a 24 karat gold facial! It is said to tighten and lift the skin, reduce crow’s feet and wrinkles. They also claim that elements in the gold slows the collagen from leaving the skin making it tighter and smoother. As the skin looses collagen, it gets loose and saggy. Some patrons feel they have the added glow of young skin and can even faded age spots. Is it possible they are in simply in shock over the cost that their blood pressure is up?


  • In Austria, they relax and detox with leeches. They actually pay to have leeches suck the patrons blood. The New York Continuum Center for Health and Healing offers this therapy for easing arthritis.

Bird Poop

  • The US is not off the hook for weird and crazy beauty and relaxation. The Geisha Facial, or nightingale-dropping facial, is available in Manhattan. Bird poop. It is powdered poop, but it is bird poop, in a facial. It is said to exfoliate and brighten skin. The poop is full of amino acids and other enzymes.


  • The Japanese enjoy having snails crawl all over their face. Snails, on their face. They do not use ordinary snails. The snails are fed a special diet and are specially bred for facials. Tokyo calls this a Celebrity Escargot Course. Patrons say the snail slime reduces lines and wrinkles instantly.

These are just a few of the craziest spa treatments ever. It is hard to believe that having snails on your face, or leeches sucking you blood could be good for you. Try one, I dare you!


Socially Yours,