Green Beauty Predictions for 2016!

I am really excited about sharing this post on green beauty predictions for 2016! I myself feel that over these past years we are seeing a rise in consumer awareness not only in the area of eating organic and being more mindful of self -care but also in the areas of beauty products and what we are putting on our bodies! I too am seeing a movement for integration in the spa industry with spas being more aware of what their consumers want. More and more spas and integrated health facilities are starting to carry brands that are non-toxic and forerunners in green beauty. Another mention must go to Indie Beauty Expo. They had their inaugural event in New York City Fall 2015 and have more goodness in store in Los Angeles coming soon! Good News all around for 2016!

Here I have a selection of my some of my favorite ‘green beauty experts’ ( there are more!)  and their green beauty predictions for 2016! Are you as excited as I am?


“Green Make Up Brands will take over and start getting recognition not only for being clean, but for exceptional color and performance.  Fruit pigmented makeup will be all the rage.

Green Beauty Brands will make an oil cleanser as a staple in their product offering and the most sought after green beauty ingredients will be Blue Tansy, Camellia Oil, Cupuacu Butter.

Face Oils will officially take over as the preferred type of moisturizer, replacing Face Creams/Lotions.

Mainstream brands will continue to shift to cleaner formulations to attempt to get their piece of the green beauty market!”

Beauty Heroes  Jeannie Jarnot – Beauty Heroes





“For the US market, 2016 is the year of mom. A hot button for the 2016 election cycle, paid leave is championed by an increasingly insistent middle class frustrated by alarming statistics that globally the US ranks at the bottom for paid leave. According to the International Labour Organization, “Among the 185 countries reviewed, only the United States and Papua New Guinea do not have public policies for paid maternity leave.” Their report also found that, “78 of those countries also mandated paternity leave, with 70 of those providing paid leave to new fathers.”  Politically, this topic is a hot button and one that is likely to spearhead federal policy, especially with the statistics presented by leading US economists who share, “If American women worked at the same rates men did, the U.S. GDP would grow by 9%.”

The implications for the beauty category are profound. Previse believes advocacy in paid leave will place greater demand on consumer goods – including skin care, cosmetics, hair care and the like – to help champion their passions. Whether it be social engagement and activism, to donation and new products, mom’s and mother’s to be will vote with their purchases. Critical is that these same advocates are millennials who are most active in the green and natural beauty space. In fact, according to SkinInc., “54% of Women Want Skin Care to Be ‘All Natural’,” and Gallup reports that, “53% of US consumers aged 18 – 29 actively try to include organic food in their diet.” Comparatively, consumers aged 30 – 49 are less likely to actively try to include organic food in their diets, “with only 48% actively trying to include organic food in their diet.”  Companies and brands who align their ethos and pathos, and help give voice to these currently disenfranchised advocates, will outperform those who ignore the drumbeat.”


   Sean Patrick Harrington – Previse SkinCare    





“Clean beauty is wonderful if you have non-problematic skin.  But, most people have skin issues that need to be addressed in a more specific way. As clean beauty becomes more accessible, and ingredients become more sophisticated, I see a shift in targeted, result-oriented, green beauty.”

Jillian Wright

        Jillian Wright – Jillian Wright Skincare     




“With the rise of apps to rate ingredients, green beauty bloggers and crusaders fighting for cruelty-free product development, it’s no wonder consumer awareness is being elevated to new levels. New and exciting brands are discovered every day and the passion for these quality and non-toxic products, is contagious. Manufacturers of long-established personal and skin care products are feeling the pressure to revise their product lines and even develop new ones.

Skin care clinics are also seeing this trend toward clean and green products influencing their businesses too. Consumer awareness is creating a new kind of discerning client who is asking for effective and safe brand options from their skin care professional. In 2016, and onward, companies that have long been dominant in this industry will see less shelf space to make way for innovative product lines that have been waiting for their time to shine!”

zyderma HS

       Kelly Muciy – Zyderma





“I think that 2016 is going to be filled with green beauty just becoming more and more mainstream.  I have already seen some of my all time favorite brands find homes in Target, Barneys, and Sephora.  I look forward to seeing more and more of that, and watching the brands I love around me explode with recognition!’

‘As for what the future holds for Laurel Skin, or what I predict for us… I love that people are embracing more and more that we make products that are so different by putting purity, ritual and efficacy above commercialism.  People are really starting to appreciate that.  I think the ‘ritual’ side of beauty and ‘slow beauty’ in general will continue to gain momentum.  And hopefully, more spas and resorts will embrace slow beauty when it comes to skincare – just as they do in the rest of their practices.  We look forward to those perfect partners finding us in 2016.”

Laurel Whole Plant Organics

Laurel Schaffer – Laurel Whole Plant Organics   




“Bigger stores are starting to understand that their customers are looking for better, safer products made by companies that are interested in more than just profit – they want the triple bottom line – People, Planet & Profit. We’re seeing this in some major ways already. Stores like Target are making room on their shelves for products made by sustainable, independent brands. 2015 was the year of safer products that are not only nice to look at but are as effective as their more toxic counterparts. We’ll only see this trend grow as awareness of their popularity increases. It’s my hope that green chemistry will become more mainstream, which will only help increase the efficacy and safety of products we use every day!”

kind-eye-logo (2) 

        Rachel Murray – Kind Eye



Amazing things going on in the industry for 2016! I have to mention that Kind Eye and Beauty Heroes both have FREE info that you can share along to help others be more aware!  For Kind Eye’s “Find Makeup That Won’t Kill You” download here and for Beauty Heroes free resource download here!

Cheers to a GREEN 2016 for us all! If you have anything you’d like to share about being green in 2016 please feel free to comment below!

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