2016 Spa Industry Predictions  from the Pros!

A “New Year” before us and spa industry standards ever evolving to bring the best of the best. Here I have included some of the top spa industry professionals and their predictions on what we will see in the spa industry in 2016!


“I think 2016 will bring a greater focus on customer experience with a personal connection, customization, and personalization.  As the spa and wellness industry continues to grow, our consumer is becoming savvier and savvier.  There are many choices available, much more than ever before.  We can’t woo them any longer with just beautiful facilities and book-like menus.  I believe in 2016 spas that focus more on exceptional guest experience by providing a more customized/personalized experience will hit a home run.

Additionally, I think spas will start using data as a way to measure success and enhance their customer experience and engagement.”

Julie PankeyJulie Pankey, J.M. Pankey Partners





“I see the industry is that we will continue to see more and more specialization while also seeing more coming together of full-service facilities.

The specialization will come from more competition in specific segments. Spas serving only a male, female or child base. You may see more focusing on a growing baby boomer demographic. Can you imagine an upscale senior only facility? A business solely focused on the wellbeing of a specific audience.

At the same time, more and more wellness centers will be popping up. A regional stand-alone location where the local clientele can find everything from day spa services to osteopathy, naturopathy, chiropractic, holistic medicine, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, Ayurvedic, and dental.”

Rob CassRobert Cass, Spaformation








“In 2015, I saw a theme with many spa owners and their staff: they are energetically tapped out, and it’s seriously affecting their company culture, staff productivity and to that end, revenues. An unhealthy team is an unhealthy business. The irony is spas have been preaching wellness to their guests for years, yet not incorporating it into their business practices. As a result, it’s taken a toll on their service and retail productivity and passion for the spa industry. I predict 2016 will be a year in which many spa owners will have to reevaluate their company wellness strategies or risk losing their personal health, competent team members, and the ability for the spa to generate strong sustainable sales and profits.”

Kirsten FossKirsten Foss, Re:freshed Businesses






“I see an integrated movement going on as we speak and no slowing down for 2016! I’m excited to see a shift in more integrative practices and an inclusion of holistic health practices and green, non-toxic skincare brands. I think this movement is going to be key in moving forward in 2016 and beyond!

Cadi JordanCadi Jordan – Jordan Consulting





Do you have anything to add? What are you excited about for the 2016 Spa Industry? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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