Growing Instagram Followers for Your Spa Business

It’s no secret that Instagram has surpassed Twitter when it comes to social media darlings. It is the fastest growing with over 400 million users at the time of this post. Engagement is 120 times grater than Twitter and around 58 times greater than Facebook in some studies. After all, with one post at a time in your feed, it’s the least noisy network and who doesn’t want to stand out above the noise?

For beauty businesses it is a great place to showcase your products, services, before & after photos, brands you work with, gorgeous product ingredients and more!  Here are five tips you can implement right away to grow Instagram followers for your spa business.

1. Optimize Profile!

* Like any social media platform you want to optimize your profile and try to keep it uniform across all the different social platforms that you are using.
* Use Keywords
* Use a clickable URL in your profile. You may change this up from time to time as you are posting a variety of content
* Use the URL in your profile to add your free-download. One more spot to collect those emails of your community members

2.Hashtag Strategy!

* You can leverage up to 30 hashtags at a time
* Make sure they are relevant for your business
* Use a tool such as
* Make your own brand hashtag eg: #socialcadi
* Use trending Hashtags


* Like, comment and share like other platforms
* Use tools like Regram or Repost to share relevant content. This is a great article from Jenn Herman of Jenn’s Trends on the legalities of regramming.
* Follow your target market as well as some in your niche
* Leverage or – search for people with hashtags that are applicable for your business.

4. Call to Action?

* Ask them to tag their favourite lippy brand and comment on the colour in the comments below
* Make it fun!
* Also helps with #3 above

5. Respond!

* Don’t forget to respond to your audience comments and questions. Just posting is not enough in and of itself. The purpose of social media is to be social and take those relationships you are building online… offline! Answer questions, ask questions on other’s posts. Engage and respond.


Are you using Instagram in your business? Are you having fun with it? Leave your thoughts in the comments below or schedule a Discovery Session to learn more here.


Socially Yours,