Gift Certificate Success for Your Spa

The Holidays are coming up and are prime for gift certificate giving giving but we know the art of giving happens throughout the year! Here are five tips on the beauty of leveraging the gift certificate in your spa or wellness business to set you up for gift certificate success. 


1. Events – Events can be a great way to leverage exposure for your business by giving out gift certificates in small denominations. In exchange for x amount the business or charity may give you a shout out from the stage, mention on their website, shout outs on social media and your name seen in their swag bags! Be clear on the guidelines from the start to set your business up for success.

2.Collaborations– Who can you collaborate with? Realtors, Wedding Planners or Photographers? Gift x denomination for them to give to clients in your area as part of welcome or thank you gift or give them a special promotion such as buy $100  worth of gift certificates and receive $120.

3. Offer Kickbacks –  Purchase $200 in gift certificates and receive $250 or offer something in house through your loyalty program for the purchaser to have on their account to spend at a later date.

4. Surprise and delight! – Use gift certificates to delight and surprise when a client spends x amount in house with you then send them a surprise $50 in the mail with a nice thank-you card.

5. Charity Events – Offer gift certificates with products as a gift product for charity events for door prizes or silent auction.

As with any strategy you are implementing be sure you revisit what is working and what is not working! Revisit the purpose behind how you are leveraging each point you have implemented.

Is it for brand awareness?

If you have had guests come in to your spa or office, what follow up have you done to nurture them? Do you send out a regular newsletter? Emailing once every three months isn’t going to bode well.

Do you call to follow up on certain appointments?

Is your reception tracking back where the cards are coming from?

Conversion is key after you’ve had them come in your door! Be sure you have proper systems in place for your staff.

Is your business using gift cards effectively? Leave a comment below or book a Discovery Session here to discuss this and more in your business.

Socially Yours,