Zyderma for Acne and Problem Skin

Have you ever wanted a product to help you with acne or eczema like skin conditions but not found the perfect natural fit? Look no further as Zyderma is made in Canada and is Peta certified as well as approved by Think Dirty App! 

Zyderma boasts minimal ingredients with maximum results. Antimicrobial Clarifying Cream helps to regulate skin flora and reduce bacteria. Mainly used for clearing acne prone problem skin it is also good for other skin conditions. Free of side effects it supports the skins natural healing process. While the product says ‘cream’ I find it is more of a cross over to a gel like consistency.

Zyderma’s active ingredient is MicroSilver BG™. It is potent, gentle and cleans the skin of many types of bacteria from staphylococcus aureous to salmonella, listeria and more!

My Trial Run: 

Zyderma arrived in perfect timing for my husbands eczema like rash he gets on his forearm from time to time. Rashes and skin conditions of various kinds often come from internal irritants or allergies as well as coming into direct contact with something that causes the issue. It is always best to check with a professional for the root cause.

My husbands before and after picture shown here after only three days. It was irritating and itchy on day one and ZydermaZyderma was very cooling upon contact and took that away quickly. Each day was an improvement and no itch or spots by day three for him. Results will obviously vary on an individual basis.


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