I Was A Float Spa Virgin

 Salt Floatation & Dry Salt TherapyHave you had opportunity to disconnect lately? I mean completely. No tv, computer, phone or social media? Nothing!  I was a float spa virgin until Salt Floatation and Dry Salt Therapy invited me to visit their space and experience the art of floating in South Surrey. 

I had no idea what to expect but upon arrival I was greeted by owner Angie and guided through her beautiful space. Modern, crisp and clean it was also warm and inviting with accents of salt throughout the decor.

Angie had me change my shoes to inside spa sandals before entering the back area of the spa. She then showed me through to the relaxation room and then to my own private ‘Float Room’. The pods were all completely  booked and Angie let me know that the Float Room was good for those that have never had a float before. They are also good for those who may be claustrophobic.

Everything was provided for me. Special ear plugs were given to me to seal out water from coming in during my float. I was instructed to have a quick  shower off before entering the actual float room.

The Float Room:

The Float Room has enough space to stand up when you first enter and the ceiling is graded down all the way to the other end. It is big enough to float two people. It is equipped with a speaker should you need to call for someone as well as a soft light if you wish to not float in complete darkness.   

Float Room Cleanliness:

Salt Floatation & Dry Salt Therapy  has utmost standards of cleanliness in the industry. You can watch a video about it here. On top of being very particular and adhering to strict standards the salt itself is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and more.    Float Room Float Spa

The Water:

The actual water is like having a very concentrated epsom salt bath. It is pharmaceutical grade salt and is extremely detoxifying and anti-inflammatory. It benefits many skin conditions, allergies and more.  The water  is heated to body temperature and quite comfortable after your float begins.

The Experience:

When I first got in the water to float I honestly felt like I had to hold my head up. I’m extremely high energy and love to keep busy and just wasn’t sure what to do with myself. I intended to completely unplug and relax but my guess is that I just spent the first half hour wondering how to relax. It was a wake up call really to schedule more lengthy periods of tech free time! After I became accustomed to my environment I drifted off into a semi state of sleep. When I came to I reached up to turn on the light and touched the ceiling with my hand. I had completely floated , got turned around and hadn’t even noticed! I got myself sorted back to where I started and continued to just enjoy the float.

When my 90 minutes was up a soft light came back on and allowed myself to slowly come back to reality. I enjoyed a quick shower and slipped into the waiting room to enjoy some herbal tea and finish my journey back to the present.

Would I recommend a float?

I absolutely recommend a float. It may not be for everyone but you won’t know unless you try. The benefits abound and who doesn’t want really want a good tech break anyway? To learn more about Salt Floatation & Dry Salt Therapy in South Surrey you can check the website here or find them on Facebook here

Socially Yours,