Prismatic For Content Curation

Helping put content front and centre is job for curators using Prismatic! I was first tipped off to this platform by Dai Manuel 

Relevant news is discovered by the platform Prismatic. In fact, it is one of the best kind of systems to help you connect your social accounts, understand what it is that you are interested in and leveraging content curation. With an almost effortless start, you can explore a variety of interactions and visual designs that can help your content really look good.

Content must come first and everything else has to get out of the way because content is the focus. Prismatic allows you to have a variety of topics curated in one place ready to share as you like.

Visually, prismatic normally looks very simple. It does take some time to set it up.  The content can be dynamic and massive in size so you will need to adopt a fluid design workflow, going back and forth between research, paper sketches, photoshop, and the real data.

Content curation uses tools to assist in searching, sharing and even collating content that already exists. It can vary from simple content aggregation because curators do screen for the content that is most relevant. Many times, curators can edit or comment on the content.

Curators who work on topics that they familiar with or close too can help a company or person in marketing themselves by helping brands position themselves as go to experts. They can even embed their communication in social media for richer context of external content sources. But the tools for content curation continue to multiply like wild mushrooms. Almost at the same time however, other social media tools are multiplying including Google, and Twitter and a fave of mine BundlePost!

The biggest and most popular content category for curators is Social (content) curation. This type of curation allows user to clip and share publicly  their content, which could include graphics, pictures or video. By using specialized forms of social curation, you can help users turn twitter feeds into stories, help with attractive and personalized mood boards and microblogging.

So whether you are marketing a product or trying to get your content on social media sites, content curators will want to use this program because it helps with accuracy and creating content that can be viewed online by many and is available by desktop & App.



Socially Yours,