Top 10 Tips For Sticking With Your Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is free and available to every online business today. Frequently people get into social marketing and stop using it mistakenly thinking that it isn’t working. The truth is, it can take time and effort to build up your audience and relationship with your clients. You must be consistent and build things up and keep the momentum going in order to get your return. Here I share with you my top 10 tips for sticking with your social media marketing! 

1. Plan Your Topics

Sit down and write out your topics far in advance. List ideas and follow up on them. Some may be for certain months. Others may be trending topics. You may find once you get rolling with this that you come up with pages and pages of blog ideas that you can implement far down the road. You may not even write about them but turn them into YouTube clips or a small ebook! 

2. Use A Calendar

Go with the flow and use a calendar to motivate yourself. Follow upcoming holiday’s or events and have an idea of when you want to post what. More on using a calendar here

3. Write Your Blog Posts In Advance

Sit down while you’re on the thought of your next post and write it out. As you write you may find other ideas so write those ideas down too! If you can block off some time just to write… you’ll get more done! Trust me. When I don’t do this I sure send out less 😉 

4. Use Scheduling Tools

Now that you’ve written out your next several posts, set them up to automatically post at a specific time. This way, you can schedule weeks in advance. If you’re using Word Press there is a scheduling function you can use. 

5. Use Images

Statistics show that websites and blog postings with an image attached are much more likely to be read. Make sure they are your images that you’ve paid for or obtained from a free service site or images you’ve taken yourself. 

6. Give A Call To Action

Ask a thought provoking question that will carry the reader through or engage them in your comments section or lead them through to a free download or even to share on social media! 

7. Do A Series

If you post things as Part I and Part II readers will revisit the site in order to get the second half of the posting.

8. Update Your Social Status Frequently

Try updating your status more frequently and you are much more likely to catch readers when they are online. Play with this a bit and see what works best, morning updates, afternoon updates, evening updates or weekends. Watch your Facebook analytics for peek times but don’t leave out posting in the times that are quieter in order to see if you catch new readers attention! 

9. Timing

Determine when your site gets the most visits by using the method above. You want to choose to post updates when people are perusing their Facebook, perusing their twitter accounts and reading their emails. This is the peak time for your posts to be read. 

10. Curate Your Content

Share and share alike. Give your readers your thoughts and share resources and other perspectives with them by giving credit or listing your resources that are on other sites. Often the other sites will return the favour to you and you’ll get more traffic. You can also use tools such as BundlePost to help you curate content for your social networks by adding your favourite RSS feeds there. 

Bonus Tip: Outsource

Take a break and swap posts with another blogger. Your readers will get another perspective and you can give their readers another perspective. If you really don’t have the time to manage this part of your business you can also outsource this part of your marketing and still have a say and voice as to what goes out for your brand! 

Now that you see how easy it is to stick with your project you can keep it up to date. You really can take as much or as little time per day to maintain and keep the social flow going. It always takes more time when you’re getting going but it’s worth it in the end!  Your company will see more visitors and you will have more sales and brand awareness using these methods. With time and effort you will be successful! 

Is there something that really helps you or a tool that you love that helps organize you and your social media? Tell me in the comments below! xo


Socially Yours,