5 Tips For Keeping Your Marketing Hot In The Summer!

Ever since we were children, summer has always been seen as a time for relaxation and kicking back. However, this same attitude also resulted in the need for our teachers to dedicate the first 1-2 weeks upon returning to school to brush up on material that we forgot over those 2-3 months. Similarly, if you slack off on your marketing during that period of time, it will affect your sales for the rest of the year. Face it, for those of us that have tried working from the beach in the sun… it usually just doesn’t work!  It is for this reason that I’ve come up with five tips to maintain your marketing in the summer months.

Plan it out!
Work out your schedule ahead of time, rather than going day by day. You might want to consider following this piece of advice each season.

Invite A Guest Along…
Blogger that is! If you have a cadre of dedicated users, commentators that you feel you can trust, feel free to invite them on for some guest blogs. This will further your bond with your clientele/audience, while also giving you some breathing room and time to enjoy your summer.

Vacation Mode?
Consider your “Vacation Mode.” It’s alright to mention going on a vacation in your marketing and social media, even going as far as to quip that it’s a good idea for everyone to take one once in a while. A vacation allows a business to recharge itself and even to redirect the approach it takes with selling itself.

Event Marketing!

Consider the various events that you’re planning on checking out. Rather than trying to figure out how to keep up your regular schedule, or worry about having an internet connection, simply set things up ahead of time. That way, you’ll have something for your readers.  You can also leverage this in the moment to blog during or after and still catch the trend of the event.

Time Management…

Dovetailing off of the previous tip, be mindful of your time. Even if you’re drenched in work during weekdays, you’ve still got access to your evenings and the weekend.

Even during the beach season, it isn’t that hard to continue selling as long as you keep the previous five tips in mind. Remember to plan your time, plan around what you love, and to keep your fans aware of your activity.

Add your tips in the comments below! xo

Socially Yours,