Spundge For Social Media Content Curation

Welcome to Spundge, a socially integrated app that is designed to make your content curation easy. The app makes it easy to distill knowledge, track the best information, create influential content and form compelling ideas. This is a platform built to take you from discovering information and tracking all the way up to publishing.

Spundge aggregates content from a wide variety of sources based on the user specifications for the purpose of curating content for numerous online platforms including social networks, WordPress and other many platforms. It has premium and free options. These options offer a content aggregation solution that is based on the user provided keywords and a variety of platforms including all the key social media players like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as well as news sources such as Reddit for the free options and Getty, Reuters and NPR for premium options. Additionally there is a list of feeds cycled through the app’s network which is easily customizable.

Aggregation of content is managed through the Spundge’s “notebooks” which are customized for a specific content. Notebooks can either be publicized or made private on Spundge’s internal network that other users can use and follow for their own content curation. Notebooks can as well be made a collaborative effort with other users or through sub-groups.

For premium options content can be created directly on the app with the “story” option. This story editor is the user’s basic WYSIWYG editor having drag and drop capabilities that allow users to drop tweets, text and video into the new content. This story editor automatically sites sources of the content avoiding issues of plagiarism that normally arise when it comes to online content. A completed post can be propagated to blogs,websites and social-media and even for those users who don’t have immediate access to their own blog or website can be hosted directly on it.

It wins on many fronts.

It is feature rich content platform at a low price point.

It’s ability to syndicate across platforms makes it easy for the social media newbie as well as agencies with multiple clients.

As it aligns itself into its very own social media platform for creators of content, it makes this content platform  relevant beyond its functionality by allowing the users to promote content and even content creation/curation abilities. The best technology understands its marketing strategy, addresses need and creates room for the users and itself to grow via marketing and it has managed to figure this out on all 3 realms.

Socially Yours,