4 Tips on Taking Videos With Your iPhone

Hey all, Nouver from Wakefield Productions here. I’m so honored to be doing a guest post on Cadi’s blog. Today, we’ll be talking about taking good-looking videos on your smartphone of choice. 4 tips for taking videos with your iPhone to be exact. For me, it’s the ubiquitous iPhone. Because we have awesome tools always with us to capture great memories quickly, it is important to use these tools properly. When they are improperly used, my soul dies a little on the inside. So, please, help keep my soul alive by following a few quick tips 🙂

1. No VVS

For the best explanation of VVS (vertical video syndrome), check out this video (above). For the Coles’ Notes version, just follow along. When we watch video content, our screens tend to be longer in the horizontal direction than the vertical. It’s a more natural way of displaying content, because more of the scene can be shown. So when you shoot video vertically with your phone, you cut out a lot of the scene from your clip. Turn that phone 90 degrees and the world viewing your video will be happier. Nothing says “Amateur” louder than a video with VVS. You may not be pro, but your video can look the part, at the least 🙂

Wakefield Productions

2. Both hands on the wheel

Or on the phone. And keep your elbows away from your body when videoing with your iPhone. This ensures that your video will not suffer from shakiness as much. Shaky cam is typically used in war movies, or action movies. What it communicates in those specific circumstances is tension, or chaos happening. A clip of your baby nephew/niece giggling need not be shaky. Your friend blowing out their birthday cake need not be shaky. In fact, there are few things that you are capturing with your smartphone need to be shaky. Unless it’s Godzilla. Or you’re running away from zombies. Something catastrophic like that.

Wakefield Productions

3. Gimme some space

This kind of follows from the tip above. When you start farther back from your intended scene, you get a wider shot when taking video with your iPhone.This allows you the possibility of capturing the unpredicted. Like your friend blowing out the birthday cake? Blowing so hard that the candle dislodges from the cake and hits the innocent well-wisher across from them? Or that baby niece/nephew? You could capture what they’re giggling about. It’s about telling more of the story.

Wakefield Productions Video

4. Cutting shorts.

I meant shortcuts. Shortcuts. Know how to get your camera working when you need it. You don’t have to be a smartphone power user to find out how to access your camera quickly. These moments pass by before you know it. Be ready.


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Written by Nouver Cheung
Cinematographer at Wakefield Productions