I’m really very excited to introduce you to two NEW products in the Vancouver based Beauty Through Balance product line! I’ve tried  some of these products before and just love that they are a natural, well researched line and leave my skin feeling happy.

The two latest exciting products in the signature series are the Mineral Boost Restorative Facial Mask and the Mineral Boost Restorative Facial Serum. These products contain anti-aging ingredients…for those of that care 😉

Mineral Boost Restorative Facial Mask

This mask looks like your typical mud mask however it felt light to the touch and doesn’t feel heavy on your skin. I even used it as a spot treatment for some blemishes at night and within a couple of days they were healed. I have easily removed the mask with water and by gently peeling it off with no residue. My skin felt soft and smooth and looked vibrant upon removal.

This mask boasts fresh pacific seaweed, hyaluronic acid and patented anti-aging active ingredients. This mask is for all skin types!

Mineral Boost Restorative Serum

This is a very concentrated lightweight serum. I really enjoyed that it was fast absorbing and I could get on with my mineral make up routine right away. On a few of our colder west coast days I did apply a moisturizer on top for a little extra hydration in the sub zero temps.

This serum also incorporates fresh pacific seaweed, glacial clay and peptides. This product is also good for use on all skin types. Even the most sensitive!

Both products contain patented ingredients of Renovage and Matrixyl from France that are proven to target signs of aging on a cellular level.

While I only tested this product over a short period of time results always vary per person. I can see the benefits of using a product like this on a longer term basis.

Beauty Through Balance has graciously offered that I choose 2 lucky winners! You will be able to choose from the Mask ( valued at $48) or the Serum ( valued at $52).

Contest closes Friday, January 17th, 2014 and you can enter here below!

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