Okay! Here I go!

A few months ago I had a great chat with Risse of the Go Fit Gals! These gals are on a MISSION to save us all from the uncertain death that can happen if we don’t get our health and fitness on track! Risse is the brains behind what healthy yummy food we’re fulling our bodies with and PJ is the fuel behind kicking our arse!

I was left to take a look at all of their offerings and CHOOSE which I was to share with YOU! Dangerous.

The ‘3 Day Reset’ looked good. After all, we can all use a detox from time to time right? I was thinking this was just not long enough to share though.

Then I took a look at the Go Fit 21. Now this… THIS is what I would share. Then I stopped myself. If I’m going to implement some new things then ‘they’ say it takes a good 30 days to form a new habit. So that led me down the rabbit hole to…


I have to tell you! I started out with high energy, excitement and end goals in mind! I was on FIRE! I took a look a look at the healthy amazing menu planning and got MORE excited because we eat very similarly in my house already. I did have to cut out sugar and wheat and um… no wine. That’s when I felt the detox within the first few days! It wasn’t awful for me but I certainly felt it.

I carried on and then… the FLU hit my house! I got knocked out too. I was feeling like 18 steps forward 10 steps back. I got quiet . I didn’t tweet about this …. I went into hiding. Now we have to remember that the food part was not an issue for me but upping my physical fitness factor was HUGE for me! I was running like the wind. Or at least what that looks like for me! After getting knocked down by something like the flu, that happens once in awhile in life, I was feeling a bit of a failure.

Risse checked back in. These gals are here to SUPPORT you on your virtual mission! Somewhere in my brain I had the pdf’s of the exercise plan and thought I was flying solo.

Risse and PJ would NEVER have it that way! They are with you every step of the way to check in. Risse reminded me that we’re all different and when things like the flu and Thanksgiving sneak up on us, just pick up where we’re at and keep going! This ride has been quite a learning experience and I’m very GRATEFUL for it!

So what exactly do you get in the 6 Week Shape Up you ask?

You get…

6 Weeks of Menu Plans and believe me they are good! There is even a recipe for pudding that is to DIE for. Yup, I said pudding 😉

6 Weeks of a graduated fitness plan from PJ to kick your butt in gear! She has everything strategically planned so that you increase your fitness and the work you’re doing over the 6 week period of time. And she won’t leave you hanging! If there are any physical limitations. You can check in and she will let you know what to do!

And like I said… SUPPORT. These gals are the best and they’re not about to leave you hanging!

The photo shown here is before and after at 4 weeks. This in part to upping my physical activity, cardio and not eating wheat or sugar. BELIEVE me… I’ve had the occasional yummy carby bread product since and by nightfall things don’t look pretty.

I charge anyone wanting to make a change to take this challenge or any of the Go Fit Gals programs for that matter! You’ll be glad you did.


Socially Yours ( And Healthfully)