It’s been quite some time now since I first started following the lovely Natalie Sisson of ‘The Suitcase Entrepreneur’. It’s been delightful to see how everything has evolved for her over these past few years including the shift in her business and accomplishing a completely location independent business! This is definitely something that drew me to her right from the start. As well the fact that she was leveraging social media and carving her own path. It didn’t really matter what everyone else was up to she was in this to help others and she still is! I love books and I love reading!

The Suitcase Entrepreneur ‘uncut’ landed in my inbox a short time ago. It hadn’t even made the final edits but I dug right in and highly recommend it for anyone that wishes to work from anywhere they like…and anytime they like! Do you want to create freedom in business and adventure in life?

Top 5 Takeaways! 

1. Freedom is a choice and you have to solidify your values! – 

Yes, freedom is a choice and so is following your values! Have you ever said ‘yes’ to something you didn’t really want to? Or because you thought it would be ‘good for business’? I know I have and reading through the beginning of Natalie’s book was a fantastic reminder to stick to your values and if you come across something that doesn’t resonate with your values…DON’T DO IT!

2. There is no ‘Right Time’! – 

You can do it! Set your goals in place and get to work. It’s not like reading this book is going to turn your location independent plan into fruition on the spot. It will take work and there is no time like the present so hop to it! I know I did just a few years ago!

3. Reclaim your childhood dreams!

Get out there and get to it! Do you know what  you really want to do with your life? There is a difference between having that ‘dream list’ and putting a plan into action. ( I’m working from Salt Spring Island, B.C. as I type this!) So long as you have a sound business idea you can put your plan into action!

4. There is no ‘Secret’ 😉

It’s all about the secret of doing what you love! You will try and fail and try and succeed but there are so many opportunities to build something out of nothing out there that you should keep at it and put your plan into action!

5. The TRUTH is that YOU choose your own reality! – 

You’ve got to work smart, create systems to become more efficient and continue to enjoy what you’re doing! There is no 4 hour work week! That said if you’re choosing to live this lifestyle you’re not choosing the average way of life to begin with but if you love what you do you’re not going to squeeze it all into such a short a time frame.

I could go on and on really. Natalie goes through all you need to know about taxation, tech security on the road and living a more minimalist life! If you’re hoping to make a location independent life this book is for you and just the read you’re after!

I dare you to take a read! You can get your copy here!

Socially Yours,