As of late my clients have been asking if a social media editorial calendar is necessary. When we hear the words ‘editorial calendar’ we think about magazines and print publications but don’t really associate it with our own marketing plans and our blogs. Having an editorial calendar allows for many things. Here are some of the benefits to keep in mind not only for social media content but in combination with your blog as well.

Content Curation

Having an editorial calendar allows for you to slot in your ideas as they come to you. It’s somewhere that you can add monthly topics to give you focus, slot in any promotional posts, quotes, images and trending topics for the month. Having an editorial calendar allows for you to plan many months in advance and see where there are any holes that you need to fill in.

Joint Ventures and Guest Bloggers

Having an editorial calendar allows for you to plan joint ventures or have guest bloggers contribute to your site ( or for you to contribute to others) When you plan it out in advance you know exactly where, when and who is contributing and can set dates to have content well before it’s due to go out.

Increased Productivity

Having an editorial calendar allows you to know what content you have well in advance and never be at a loss for what to say. You can spend time curating content on a specific day of the week or month and slot it into the calendar ahead of time so you’re using your time more wisely! In fact, if you take the time to write a few blog posts ahead of time and schedule them you’ll increase productivity that much more!

Having an editorial calendar just works. To be honest when I use one I create more content for my blog which gives me more to send out across my social networks in turn increasing traffic back to my website. When I don’t do this, traffic is down!

Would love to hear your thoughts and ideas in the comments below here. I’m off to work on my own editorial calendar now!

Socially Yours,