It gives me great pleasure to share with you Entrepreneur Success Recipe by local Vancouver businessman and author Colin Sprake. I had the honour last summer of meeting Colin for the first time. We spoke on a panel together about social media with golf course professionals. It was a casual day and we spoke candidly about our businesses. I really didn’t even know the full scope of what Colin’s work was at the time. Now I know he know he helps separate the millionaires from the strugglers 😉

I received the book a short time ago from a business contact as a gift. When I opened up the gift bag and saw Colin on the cover of his book, I tucked in to find out more! If  you don’t know Colin at all you should know he’s got a great sense of humour. He really is straight forward and to the point too. I’m not going to give away everything before you read Entrepreneur Success Recipe but I have just a few great key points here.

Stinking Thinking

We’ve all been there! There is a pleasant reminder at the start of this book to get out of that mindset. When you’re first starting out in business you may feel that things just aren’t working out but it’s better to look at it as you’re learning. After all, “You cannot determine your standings in a race until you cross the finish line.”

Do You Have What It Takes?

As we dig in a little further Colin get’s to the point. Do you have what it takes? There is a well laid out ‘Entrepreneur Test’ to go through and taking it at any stage of your business is worth it. It will show you key areas that may be your strengths or areas that you’ll want to keep working on.

Relinquishing Control

Often as business owners we feel the need to do it all, own it all and keep control. Bringing the right people alongside of us is key in growing our businesses. We want people with the same passion as we have and we wan’t to be able to trust them. Part of why I do what I do is because businesses just do not have the time or desire to manage certain parts of their business. I’ve been brought alongside to take the load off and allow them to excel at what they do best!

These are just a few of the juicy morsels that Colin dishes up. Entrepreneur Success Recipe just released on and has already hit #1 in many areas. You can grab your copy here and head off to make your mark!

Colin Sprake is the owner of Make Your Mark Training & Consulting. He can be found on twitter @ColinSprake and on Facebook here.