This weekend brought me to Chris Guillebeau’s ‘Art of Non-Conformity’ Book Launch.  The lovely Danielle LaPorte co-hosted at Chapters on Robson.  Now, I’ve only recently this past fall begun to follow Chris on his blog and ‘unconventional’ journey. 

 ( I do look a little excited don’t I ? But really it was a great afternoon!)

Chris started out by sharing this truth with us.  “In this day and age, we wonder the purpose of print.”  With so much information readily available to us online Chris reminded us that “Books Change our lives, are special and have the chance to make an impact!” Chris enforced that ” Goals are good, yet we define our own success!”.  What does that look like for you?  We don’t need to conform to societal “norms”.

I love the story Chris shared about Nathalie Lussier, another recent gem I discovered through Natalie Sisson!  She and I appear to have a few things in common, wellness being forefront.   To make a long story short (you can stop by her site) She had an amazing schooling background that led to many experiences and a ‘Big Time’ job offer on Wall Street!  She realized her passion lay elsewhere, moved back to Canada and started her own “unconventional’ biz.  You see though, only ‘unconventional’ because it didn’t fit with the path originally taken and she was stepping out of ‘others’ expectations for her.  I personally am glad she did as I have been learning about health and wellness through a different avenue because of her choices!  Nathalie is a great example of Chris’s encouragement to be “doing something because it’s meaningful and brings joy in your life.” and “that we are made better thru the act of contribution.” 

I’m really excited for this year as I shift and keep focus!  These are things that are meaningful and bring joy in my life.  I love sharing not only local biz but especially people and businesses that contribute to our health and wellness!

That was my Saturday afternoon!  And Chris really didn’t chat that long.  He just told it like it is 😉  If I get these juicy gems to share out of a chat and book launch event… I’m off to” grab the bananas” and finish the book 😉 And YOU should too!!!