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Discovery Sessions

Unsure of where to go and what to do next in your business? These sessions will help you re-focus, think outside the box and create a clear path to your business success! Click here for more information!


VIP Power Up Day

Do you want to save time, money and energy? Let’s spend a day together to work on your business objectives or social media marketing and propel your business forward! You will leave with strategic steps to take you where you want to go. Click for more information!

Social Media Coaching

You know you have the smarts and someone in house to handle things but you’re just not sure where to go with that event, joint venture or your social marketing plan. I will be your coach and hold you accountable to implementing the solutions that come up in our sessions to get the job done! Click for more information!

Done For You Solutions

Are you in a state of overwhelm or on your way there? Can’t find the time to get that online campaign done? Is your blog lacking in content? You haven’t posted to your social networks in weeks…or maybe months? I can help! Click for more information!

Providing Savvy Social Media & Marketing Solutions for Spa, Wellness and Eco-Beauty Brands.


Bundlepost – Social Media Content Curation Tool

Bundlepost – Social Media Content Curation Tool

Bundlepost is a social media content curation tool and has been a life saver and a game changer for me! While it takes some time to set up and familiarize yourself with its inner workings and features, the time saved down the line will more than make up for it!... read more – Social Media Content Curation – Social Media Content Curation

When it comes to content curation there are very few who understand its benefits. These benefits include building brand awareness, increasing your marketing efforts by acquiring loyal followers and encouraging your audience to engage on your site. Too many people are... read more